DENSO validates software-based connectivity platform for Autonomous Vehicle teleoperation

About helps accelerate the deployment of autonomous vehicles with teleoperations. Our connectivity platform provides 4k video, audio, data and control commands with very low latency and ultra-high reliability, using cellular bonding and dynamic encoding. provides a connectivity platform for autonomous vehicle teleoperations. The solution is based on dynamic video encoding and cellular bonding, and supports 4G and 5G technologies. This includes the ability to switch between the network technologies, preferring the better performing network in different locations.’s cellular bonding solution provides 5G-like performance by utilizing multiple 4G links.

As part of DENSO and’s 18-month collaboration, during which’s connectivity platform was implemented in DENSO’s environment, DENSO recently remotely drove a vehicle, utilizing the high-capacity, low latency capabilities of the technology in real-world scenarios.

As part of the ongoing collaboration between DENSO and, during which remote driving using the platform was performed by vehicles in the US and in Japan, a vehicle in the US was driven from Abashiri in Japan. The two companies have commenced integration of the DriveU software onto the DENSO hardware architecture.

Automotive software development work is by definition a long-term endeavor. Building complex, mission-critical modules that will be integrated into future vehicles requires rigor and a longer view approach that is not common in the “move fast and break things” approach often expected from startup software companies.

This is certainly the case when discussing teleoperating an autonomous vehicle.

DENSO has been at the forefront of automotive innovation for more than 70 years, with over 170,000 employees working closely with automakers worldwide. developed and deploys a software-based connectivity platform for autonomous vehicle teleoperation, with the market’s best latency performance, using proprietary dynamic video encoding and cellular bonding technologies.

Using the platform, DENSO will verify systems for efficiently monitoring the vehicle and the situation around it by using high-definition images from in-vehicle cameras. This will be made possible through communicating over ultra-low latency connections enabled by, with the aim of building a system for instantly communicating the ever-changing road conditions to remote tele-operators.

“Working with a global automotive leader, being selected as a DENSO partner and working closely together for well over 18 months has been an accelerator for as a company,” said Alon Podhurst, CEO of “We look forward to many more years of close collaboration”.

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