DriveU 100

Deploy robot fleets with confidence and with ease, with teleoperation

The demand for robots to perform tasks such as food delivery or lawn mowing is greatly outpacing supply. Teleoperation is a critical element in deployment, for supervision or remote operation purposes. 

DriveU 100 series allows you to roll out your fleet quickly, ensuring the teleoperation connectivity level you need at SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) and performance that is optimized for low-impact robots.

Reliable connectivity for light-weight robot fleets

Maximize performance with cellular bonding

Overcome public cellular network challenges for 250ms glass-to-glass latency

Deliver continuous, low latency video with dynamic encoding

Tightly coupled H.265 video encoding and transmission minimize system latency while maintaining an HD video

Support all types of applications: video, audio, control data

Open APIs enable transmission of high-resolution video from multiple cameras, sensor data, audio, customer applications, CAN Bus, Internet, and more

Highly scalable cloud-based solution

Quickly configure large fleets

Low SWAP and cost of ownership

Install the platform on the vehicle’s computer / ECU to reuse existing cameras processors, modems, and sensors, and achieve low Storage, Weight, and Power.

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