Deploy robot and autonomous vehicle fleets with confidence, using teleoperation

Superior teleoperation connectivity platform for low latency video

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Teleoperation in all use cases and all levels of autonomy

High impact connectivity for low impact robots

Remotely operate and supervise robot fleets with confidence. Get the connectivity level you need at SWAP (Size, Weight, and Power) and performance that is optimized for low-speed delivery robots, lawnmowers, logistics, and other robots. 

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Superior connectivity for vehicle teleoperation

Meet the demanding requirements of teleoperation for any type of vehicle or use case: autonomous trucks, autonomous shuttles, robotaxis, or heavy machinery. Remote supervision, remote operation, or high-level commands.

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Address rapidly varying and challenging cellular network conditions

Teleoperation requires real-time transmission and display of high-quality video, sensor data, and commands. uses multiple technologies to ensure high quality, uninterrupted, low latency, high capacity connectivity

Teleoperation Grade Connectivity

Ensure the reliable, low-latency connectivity required for teleoperation. Confidently transmit video, audio, data, and control commands

Overcome cellular network challenges

Achieve the high capacity, high reliability, and low latency connectivity you need, with Cellular Bonding and Dynamic video encoding

Open SW architecture for low footprint and simple integration

Shorten time to market, through rapid integration with a straightforward SDK. Deploy on the vehicle’s existing hardware for optimal resource utilization

Proven technology, in commercial use on public roads

Based on technology from LiveU, a world leader in high-performance video transmission, thoroughly adapted for real-life Autonomous Vehicle teleoperation and other remote operation scenarios

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