Connectivity Platform

Meet the demanding requirements of AV Teleoperation

4k video, audio, high speed data and control commands, delivered with ultra low latency and extremely high reliability.

Maximize performance with cellular bonding

Overcome unreliable networks caused by choppy uplink throughput, delay, jitter, packet loss, lack of coverage, and limited capacity.

Deliver continuous, low latency video with dynamic encoding

Tightly coupled H.265 video encoding and transmission minimize system latency while maintaining a continuous 4k video stream.

Support all types of applications: video, audio, control data’s APIs enable transmission of high resolution video from multiple cameras, sensor data, audio, customer applications, CAN Bus, internet and more.

Safe and secure at scale

A framework that integrates into safety and security infrastructure meeting the industry’s stringent standards.

Reduce total cost of ownership with a software-only option

Solution can be installed on the vehicle’s computer/ECU to reuse existing cameras processors, modems and sensors.

All teleoperation use-cases supported

Including direct teleoperation, high level commands or both. Suitable for fleet operators, OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers.

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DENSO integrates teleoperation connectivity platform